Presentation Guideline

Submission of pre-recorded video

Power Point Video Recording Instruction (manual)
Zoom Video Recording Instruction (manual)

All participants are requested to access the sessions from the online program from the top of the conference webpage. Each session will be allocated within a Zoom Meeting.
All presenters are required to upload the presentation video in order to avoid any unpredictable trouble. As the conference will be held completely online, you will have three choices of how you may make your presentation. Please select your presentation format from the selection below and answer to the questionnaire in the email.

  1. 1) live presentation via zoom
  2. 2) play the pre-recorded video by the organizer but join the Q&A session live
  3. 3) play the pre-recorded video by the organizer with no Q&A session (Not recommended, you are obliged to respond to comments in the chat box on the online program.)

*Please note that if you select 3), your presentation will be disqualified from the award candidate.

The acceptable format is .mp4 and the file size should be less than 2GB. The length of a presentation video is 25-30 minutes.

Enter your Presentation No. and the registered Email Address, then upload a file by Thursday, September 1, 6:00pm. (JST = GMT+9:00). Please check your Presentation No. on the online program from the top of the conference page. The information of the video upload site will be informed to you shortly from the email address,

Presentation No.: e.g. Mo1B‐01
Email Address: Your registered email address

Regarding the resolution of uploaded video for checking, the quality might be reduced due to the specification for checking.

Please note that the date shown above is the absolute deadline (i.e., with no extension). The upload sites will be closed immediately after the deadline. Uploading your video before the deadline is mandatory to ensure your file(s) to be linked to the online conference program. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Terms and conditions

By uploading the video, you are agreeing the following terms and conditions.

The copyright of pre‐recorded video and presentation materials belongs to the author(s) but they agree to allow AVEC’22 organizer to collect, store and stream them exclusively for AVEC’22. The pre‐recorded video and presentation materials will not be used for any other purposes. AVEC’22 will not be responsible or reliable if pre‐recorded video or presentation materials infringe on a third party's copyrights and other intellectual rights.